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JIWARAGA Activewear is a functional activewear, beautifully crafted for both beginners and experts. Made to support your daily workout.

We specifically designed each of our pieces for your comfort. Our pieces transition well from your exercise to your daily routines leaving you with a stylish and confident look.

Don't expose your skin to any toxins

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  • Crop Top Kendra Top Black Organic Cotton

    Rp 220.000
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  • Crop Top Kendra Top Kale Organic Cotton

    Rp 220.000
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  • Crop Top Mala Mustard Organic Cotton

    Rp 330.000
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  • Tank Top Manuka Bamboo Cotton

    Rp 330.000
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Reversible Sports Bra, IDR 395.000, Cross-bust BlueKnight/Plumia

Reversible Sports BraCross-bust BlueKnight/Plumia, IDR 395.000
ShortsElectra Black, IDR 340.000

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